PURAGOLD Lingzhi ~ 90 Pellets-Chinese Precious Herbal Products(Health/Longevity)

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Product Description

PURAGOLD ~ Lingzhi ~ 90 Pellets


Puragold Superior Class of Chinese Medicine Can Promote & Improve:


* Health and Longevity

* Functions fo the Immune System

* Metabolism

* Natural Healing Abilities of the Body


PURAGOLD is made from 100% grade one wild Lingzhi. It excels among all Lingzhi products currently available today.


PURAGOLD is made from the essence of 5 different types of Nature Wild Lingzhi (Reishi). Puragold surpasses other Lingzhi products currently available on the market in both effectiveness and quality; standardized by proprietary DNA fingerprinting technology for the accurate strains of Lingzhi.


Ingredients: Standardized Lingzhi extract including: Ganoderma Japonicum 115mg, Ganoderma Applanatum 35mg, Coriolus Versicolor 35mg, Dextrin 20mg and Gelatin.


Packaging: 90 Pellets per bottle


Net Weight: 36g


Caution: Pregnant or nursing women should consult their healthcare professional before taking any dietary supplement. Keep out of reach of children.


* This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


A commitment to excellence


Lingzhi, the Superior herb


Chinese medicine traditionally divides herbs into superior, middle and lower classes. The two most influential Chinese medical texts, Shen Nong's Medica and the Chinese Herbal Materia Medica, both rate Lingzhi highest among the Superior class herbs. For centuries it has been the ultimate nourishment for royal families and regarded as the ultimate precious herb.


Essence of Six Species of Lingzhi


Lingzhi are classified into six categories according to their shape and colour, with each nourishing a specific part of the body: red Lingzhi benefits the heart; purple Lingzhi aids joints; green Lingzhi, the liver; white Lingzhi nourishes the lungs and skin, black Lingzhi, kidneys and brain; and yellow Lingzhi is beneficial for the spleen. PuraGold® was precisely formulated to harmonize all your body's organs to promote health, vitality and longevity.


Nature's wildest, Nature's finest


In the wild, the finest Lingzhi are constantly subjected to the harsh natural environment. Triggered by the surrounding antigens, the wild Lingzhi's immune mechanism develops a unique antibody that cannot be found in cultivated Lingzhi. Wild Lingzhi is also rich in Polysaccharides, Triterpennoids, Adenosine and other trace elements, which are essential to strengthening human immunity and boosting all-round health.


PuraGold® sources only the finest quality wild Lingzhi from its natural origins and constantly improves identification and authentication methods. Only 20 per cent of wild Lingzhi in the market could meet the rigorous standards of PuraGold®, making the label a sign of unparalleled rarity.


An unwavering dedication to exceed expectations


Technologies that redefine Lingzhi


In 1999, PuraGold® was the first brand to introduce proprietary DNA fingerprint identification technology to test the authenticity and quality of all ingredients, therefore guaranteeing their purity and quality.


NEW PuraGold® once again pioneers authentication methods with the introduction of bioactivity-guided identification (BAGI) to ensure that bioactive components in each single capsule are preserved to the fullest degree, thus refining Lingzhi deliverables to the molecular level and ensuring the finished products have unprecedented efficacy.


Precision extraction to preserve pure goodness


PuraGold® employs advanced dynamic extraction and low-temperature concentration technologies. Coupled with low-pressure cryoconcentration and instant spray-drying technology, PuraGold® optimizes the preservation of the herbal ingredients and eliminates oxidation and deterioration of the fragile bio-actives. Nature’s gifts are preserved in PuraGold®.


The consummation of technology and passion


Nothing less than perfection


An unwavering insistence on stringent manufacturing procedures is reflected in every step of PuraGold® production. The whole process has 106 checkpoints that are closely monitored by an independent quality control department. The automated production line is equipped with an instant cleansing system and international-standard clean rooms, all of which serve to ensure that PuraGold® quality control standards goes well beyond international norms.


Internationally recognized


PuraGold® is manufactured in strict compliance with the standards of the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) of Australia. As the first Chinese medicine manufacturer to hold ISO 17025 CNAS accreditation, PuraGold® strives ceaselessly to meet the highest international standards of reliability and quality. All batches of PuraGold® have obtained certificates on heavy metals, pesticide, microbiological limit and toxicity test. Its safety and reliability are therefore guaranteed.


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